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Your Expert Writing Team

It’s such a comfort to drop the fuss and leave the writing to us.


Christine Alexy

Founder / CEO

Keith Craig

Executive Editor

Jessica Rucci

Career Counselor and Financial Writer

Team: Meet the Team

Our Team Philosophy and Approach

In our digitally diverse landscape, your content must attract targeted readership. Content forges a brand and reputation. It’s the steady sortie in competitive battles. It drives engagement—and transactions.

The content we develop for you leverages trusted sources that are tailored to your needs and highlight emerging trends and technologies, identify systemic inefficiencies and deliver lessons learned, all to help you and your clients prevent future pitfalls, streamline processes, and increase ROI. Alexy PWS has a passion to inform, educate an audience and inspire innovation; call people to serve the greater good, and build esteemed brands by echoing a company’s vision, values and mission through our writing.

We deliver on target, on-time, every time because we consistently exercise common sense strategies. We learn about your business, define your challenges, goals and brand, identify solutions, target your audience, and make your mission our mission.

“Every secret of a writer's soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written in his works.”

— Virginia Woolf

Team Alexy is successful because every secret of our writers’ souls, experiences of their lives and qualities of their minds are written in their works.

Our writers have hearty family roots, leadership experience, tech and accounting expertise, and farm-friendly integrity.

We also champion leadership development, workplace culture and corporate social responsibility, and share new techniques, solutions and approaches that cutting-edge technology offers. At the same time, we impart unique methods that help to support meaningful human connections, collaborative forums and close communication in an ever-expanding virtual world.

Team Alexy Leverages a Robust Professional Network

Our content is chock-full of the most relevant, practical and operative business practices because we tap our comprehensive network of national and international CEOs, leaders, authors, and other subject matter experts across thousands of industries. We have over 10,000 business contacts and connections from which we draw interviews that catch new voices and effective solutions from the employees in the trenches to the major stakeholders.

These insights are key to businesses and to writing innovative content and compelling storytelling. Our interviews with SMEs provide fresh perspectives and anecdotal accounts that make our content unrivaled and make you, our client, the thought-leadership hero you really are.

We Back Your Content with Authoritative Research


Team Alexy draws from a comprehensive library of research databases, business communities and think tanks.

Our research know-how, resources, and tools are thorough and extensive. We provide factual business statistics and data from exclusive sources. This means that your content is substantiated by notable research derived from authoritative sources—rather than biased dot-coms, buzz-mills or flighty newsfeeds.

We provide the highest-quality, fact-based content because we have the writing expertise and access to thousands of licensed research databases, flagship magazines, peer-reviewed journals, and industry benchmarks and analytics, such as Dun & Bradstreet, Mergent Archives, Sage Business Researcher, and ProQuest. Alexy PWS is affiliated with many respected management magazines such as the Harvard Business Review, and human resource associations like SHRM and CCHRA. Other insights are drawn and sourced from Pew Research, Gallop, Ethisphere, McLean & Company, and McKinsey’s Corporate and Business Functions Practice, with more than 500 global practitioners.

Combined, these characteristics forge the cornerstone of our work’s relevancy, integrity and quality. And it attracts your intended audience. Our content is 100 percent original and authentic, and our research is backed by credible and impartial sources.

Team: List
Team: Testimonials

Steve Van Valin

Founder Culturology, culture shaping strategist, and author of The Search For Meaning At Work

Christine possesses the rare ability to blend the hard-core science of research with the heart of humanity to make her writing powerful and relevant. It takes a very special touch to speak to people in ways that provide insights for sparking personal change. Christine consistently finds the nuggets of simple truth within complex research to make her case in ways that are thoughtful, rich, and positively challenging to the reader. The subjects she tackles include some of the most debated high-minded psychology and philosophical enigmas one could possibly take on in the business world (such as Purpose and Meaning at work). Yet, Christine approaches the work with a straightforward confident mind-set bent on revealing applicable actions readers can take to engage to make progress. Christine applies a high-level of professionalism, rigor and discipline to her writing, while maintaining a conversational, and approachable tone.

CJ Testimonial pic.png

                                                     Christopher "CJ" Gross 

TEDx Speaker, Author and Organizational Development Consultant and Coach 

You made my book, What’s Your Zip Code Story, a brilliant read and illuminated my words, experiences, and stories. Thank you for writing a winning proposal that helped me land a reputable publisher. I value our collaboration and the diligence, hard work, and long nights you put into edit, develop, and finish this book by the deadline. 

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