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Alexy PWS offers a dedicated team of expert content writers and ghostwriters for businesses and authors. We are highly skilled, solution oriented and results driven. We put power, passion and practicality in (Y)our words. Quality is our byword. Satisfaction, our guarantee.

As accomplished content writers, we specialize in UX, SEO and leadership content to help drive your brand and company website to top ranks on search engine results pages. Our writers are vetted SMEs in business, leadership, tech, HR, finance, and more.

We write click-worthy copy that attracts viewers, triggers discussion, and cinches your content objectives, distinguishing your business from the competition.


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Team Alexy members are both writers and thought leaders. We write custom content that focuses on the topics that matter most to you, your business, and your clients. Our talented team can write about any topic, but we specialize in non-fiction works, business leadership, leadership development, value creation, and the functional areas of a business, including but not limited to: Human Resources, accounting and finance, marketing, sales, customer service, administration and management, distribution, value-chain, research and innovation, production, operations, workplace law, corporate social responsibility, and information security and technology.

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Steve Van Valin

Founder Culturology, culture shaping strategist, and author of The Search For Meaning At Work

Christine possesses the rare ability to blend the hard-core science of research with the heart of humanity to make her writing powerful and relevant. It takes a very special touch to speak to people in ways that provide insights for sparking personal change. Christine consistently finds the nuggets of simple truth within complex research to make her case in ways that are thoughtful, rich, and positively challenging to the reader. The subjects she tackles include some of the most debated high-minded psychology and philosophical enigmas one could possibly take on in the business world (such as Purpose and Meaning at work). Yet, Christine approaches the work with a straightforward confident mind-set bent on revealing applicable actions readers can take to engage to make progress. Christine applies a high-level of professionalism, rigor and discipline to her writing, while maintaining a conversational, and approachable tone.

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