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Welcome to Alexy Pro Writing Services! Thank you for taking the time to learn about us.

Alexy PWS is an all-hands-on-deck content team for businesses and authors. We focus on leadership, technology, innovation, inclusion, and informing people with quality messaging that builds trust and makes an impact.

At Alexy Pro Writing we understand and take seriously our clients’ challenges. Writing content is not a side job or side hustle, it’s our passion and full-time profession.

Content is your first customer touchpoint. It’s your first and best shot to engage eyeballs, create trust in your brand, score leads, and convert them to customers.

Alexy PWS writes stop-the-press content, the kind that gives you aim, helps you hit your target and overcome challenges outsourcing content generation.

Based on our research, the top three content challenges include finding, acquiring and retaining writers:

  1. Who are skilled, available and dedicated to your business and its brand.

  2. Who have professional experience and incentive to produce quality copy.

  3. Who take initiative to seek, identify and understand your business and goals, and deliver targeted messaging that strengthens your value proposition.

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Challenge 1

Finding Top Writers —

in it For The Long Haul

The first challenge involves the selection, hiring and online-onboarding of a talented freelancer who is also reliable, ethical, heeds directives, and is available for your ongoing content needs. It's a content generation unicorn.

Finding such a freelancer can be as time-consuming as figuring out what content to post, and where and when to post it. We know this because our clients have shared with us similar challenges; we then solve through our commonsense writing strategy and holistic approach. Given today’s gig economy and fierce content-generation competition, most business professionals understand the value of quality content yet find themselves with inferior copy.

Content is your door-to-door salesperson. Top content knocks on the door with a confident smile. It believes in the product or service and that any prospective customer will benefit from it.

Top content knows that its first job is to build trust by exploring a customer’s needs, goals and challenges and then offering solutions. The quality of your content earns respect, by demonstrating knowledge, polish, competence, and results. Quality content has the respect and power of a charismatic leader. Its words inspire and align with company values. Top content sells a company’s service, product and brand because it is rooted in serving, informing and solving the issues of the audience. APWS writes authentic, trustworthy content that convinces leads to endorse it, and converts leads to satisfied customers who become repeat purchasers of your products and services.

Challenge 2

Quality Content

Quality content requires a deep understanding of the story, purpose and mission of your business. Freelancer side jobs have a quick-and-easy appeal because companies can simply provide a writing prompt and some instructions. If only getting top quality were that easy! Unfortunately, shortcuts can be uppercuts that hit a company squarely in the content jaw. Wasted words are wasted money.

Authoritative content does not simply speak to the topic at hand, it speaks to your business ethos and audience in a way that triggers an aha! moment. To create such, a writer must approach your content goals in a holistic way, which requires analysis of your needs, company, culture, and challenges—and those of your target audience.

"Good content is relevant to your target audience. Great content also offers a level of cultural relevance. Why? Culture contains the ideas, convictions, beliefs, and implicit theories of the world we live in. Culture is what ultimately drives us and our decision-making process. Thus, letting your content speak through a filter of cultural relevance will make it a lot more likely to resonate and build long-lasting, meaningful relationships with your target audience."  — Frank Thomas, Senior Manager Content Strategy, adidas Group

Alexy PWS is dedicated to the full-scope of work; like keystroke to keyboard, it’s our everyday practice. As writing connoisseurs, we take ownership of our projects because satisfaction is in the writing, and we work under the notion that we will work for our clients again. With a proven writing strategy and a stake in the outcome, we draft content that motivates minds, calls people to action, and warms hearts, informing viewers while engaging them—giving powerful “legs” to your content.

Hiring a writer who is a good fit for your brand, voice and values, and possesses the right skills and qualifications requires an SME in the field who understands the purpose. Alexy PWS gets it.

Challenge 3

Writer’s Block

Coming up with a distinct word or phrase to generate new material or formulate an analogy for a complex concept can be a steep challenge for executives and managers because they are exceedingly busy, and distracted with duties that are worlds apart from website and social media content.

HR managers have the most challenging jobs. They handle talent strategies, employee development, employee relations, benefits, compensation, workplace disputes, and legal situations. They also help create and enforce company policies and practices. Executives and managers work on process-improvement initiatives, political fissures in the company, and capital budget preparation. They also work to streamline workflow, sell a vision, champion change, improve operations, coordinate operational activities, and redesign work and the work cycles of development teams.

After a hard day of cutting red tape and putting out fires, content initiatives may be off the radar.

Few have the time, patience or headspace to think of catchy captions and keywords, sleuth the internet for trending topics, interview SMEs, research authoritative sources, or find external hyperlinks that will elicit backlinks. These are some of the best content generation practices competitors are employing. It’s how they attract new viewers and engage and retain followers and customers. It’s what Alexy PWS can do for you.

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Solutions to Your Challenges

Alexy PWS gets it—and does it. We can help. We have the time, expertise, strategy, resources, dedication, rigor, patience, and creative chops. Writing is a process. Synthesizing data from multiple sources into innovative, informative, inspiring or instructional stories, case studies, blogs, articles, and guidelines that are free of grammatical and punctuation errors—by the editorial deadline, can drive anyone crazy if they have other pressing priorities.

If you want scroll-stopping content, scroll no further. Writing is our sole priority. We take the stress, time-consuming legwork, guesswork and frustrations away from content-generation needs, so you can focus on more pressing business objectives. You do your thing and Alexy PWS will do ours—writing best-in-business blogs, captivating case studies and penetrating white papers.

Alexy PWS also differs from freelance platforms because you always know what you’re getting. Unlike freelance marketplaces or content mills, we do not have hidden fees. We do not ask clients to maintain contractual escrow accounts and we do not charge for processing payments.

Being fair, honest and upfront is the right thing to do. It’s the cornerstone to building our trusting relationships, the trust that keeps customers coming back for more.

“Every secret of a writer's soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written in his works.” — Virginia Woolf

Content that advances your value proposition is currency. It represents the face, imprint, philosophy, brand and value of a business. For this reason, we encourage you to read the Alexy Professional Writing story. We are delighted to disclose our “secrets, experiences and quality of mind” that will satisfy your content needs.

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About Us: Features

Our Story: Who We Are And What It Means To You

The Alexy story begins on a family farm. A 10-acre smallholding overlooking Paradise on the outskirts of Honey Brook, Pennsylvania, where you could leave your doors open and your keys in the ignition. Where a firm handshake, a tip of the hat, or nod of the head conveyed trust, respect, and fellowship.

For three generations, the Alexys raised livestock, ranging from chickens to cattle. Each growing season, three large vegetable fields were plowed and harrowed by Big Blue—a double-clutch farm tractor with a sputter and cough, and a toolbox in tow. The back of Poppop's farmhouse nestled into a patch of lilac, bindweed, and wildflowers. Here we learned to appreciate animals for their sacrifices, hone a host of problem-solving skills, and understand the rose needs the thorns as much as the thorns need the rose.


                                                                 Outside the kitchen’s fogged windowpane, the spout of a cast-                                                                       iron hand pump peeked above the weeds. Beyond the stickers                                                                       and brambles stood a wooden, makeshift shelter—sturdy but                                                                         weathered to a coarse gray. A large salt-lick cube dangled from                                                                     the overhang. The pigpen, chicken coop, and Big Blue's barn                                                                         took similar appearance—each with a metal roof and random                                                                         blotches of umber rust. Parked against the stable, half a retired                                                                     bathtub braced against the ground with two clawed feet,                                                                                 determined to save itself from being devoured by the ravenous earth. The tub had been a water trough for neighbor horses, a goodwill gesture for six steeds and a few stubborn steer that grazed the vast fenced-in pasture. At sunset, the beasts’ owners emptied the pasture as reliably as the outside dinner bell, which rang at 5:00 each night—echoing across the fields to round up the working crews for the day.



























We learned to waste nothing. Whether food scraps or old tubs, all can be repurposed, recycled, and renewed. We learned that respect and reliability go hand-in-hand and that sharing our bounty with others is not about the act of reciprocity but the golden rule: treat people the way you wish to be treated.

As kids, we pulled carrots from the garden once their orange shoulders broke the soil. We brushed off the dirt with our hands and ate them like candy, the fuel needed to complete our chores—strong to the finish.

After chores, we would ride bikes—sometimes miles from home, speeding, leaning into downhill curves and bracing for stony craters strewn along the narrow roads. On weekends, we rounded up neighbors to play kickball or baseball on a side field. Other times we rode horses through the wooded trails or fished for trout down at the creek, where we built a flimsy dam. We rolled up our pants and crossed the slippery rocks to put pennies on the nearby railroad tracks.

                                                                   Depending on the day and season, we would collect eggs from                                                                     the coop, feed the pigs their slop, plant seeds, spread manure,                                                                       fill the horses’ tub, mow the lawn, plow the snow, stack the                                                                             firewood, count the vegetables, sell surplus corn, cucumbers                                                                         and tomatoes for a buck a basket to the locals, and lug pales of                                                                     coal into the farmhouse to fire the cast-iron stove—the hearth                                                                       of Poppop’s home and heart of our family. 


In Honey Brook, we learned that working together is not just about getting the job finished faster, it’s about learning from one another, finding creative solutions, and doing a job well the first time.

We also learned that some of the most dirty, difficult and stinky things in life serve as redolent lessons. They test strength and teach patience, discipline, resourcefulness, and self-reliance. Here we discovered a hard day's work sparks a sense of creativity, authenticity, innovation, and satisfaction.

Although the days of plowing, planting and harvesting are long gone, the days of hard work and lending a hand to friends and neighbors are here to stay—along with an occasional homemade apple pie.

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